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LOUDER RADIO SHOW N°16: Just dope tunes

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the congos – fisherman
blundetto – Echoes of my mind
Curtis Mayfield – If there’s a hell below…..
Nicole Willis – Keep reachin’up
Tony Alvon and the Belairs – Sexy Coffee Pot
Bongolian – Bongohead
Ben and his Platano Band – Art Pino Pasta
Queen Eve and the kings – All Hail the queen
TNTH – Hippopotamus
Wisdom – Nefertiti
Eddie Harris and Les Mac cann Shorty rides again
Freeson orquestra – rush
Nat adderley Sextet – Space spiritual


LOUDER RADIO SHOW N°15 : Covers and underground hip hop

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Liquid Crystal project  –  Tribute to beatminerz
Betty moorer –   It’s my thing
hopeton lewis –   express yourself
osaka monaurail  –  pick up the pieces
Sound stylistics  –  Keeping on
The lions  –  Think (about it)
The Jumpleads  –  Born to live with heartache
Orgone –   Funky nassau
The Bamboos  –  Tighten up
horace faith  –   Spinning wheel
Showbiz –   Party groove
KRS1 –   heartbeat
DJ Cash Money  –  ugly people be quiet
kev e kev  –  listen to the man
Eric B and Rakim  –  Paid in full
The lost hip hop inxtrumental  –  not gonna be able to
Soul of mischieff  –  When y’a lost


hosted by SENIK,SKORE and Dustyc.

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100% pure poison  –  Windy C
Pete Rock –   Get involded
Dela and large pro  –  Cheer
Chi Ali –   In my room
Elaine Delmar  –  Sneaking up on you

LOUDER RADIO SHOW N°13 : P-FUNK and lockin’music session

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parliament  –  Dr Funkenstein
James Brown   –  the spank
parliament  –  Give up the funk
Don Thompson  –  Please don’t make youself at home
Bootsy’s rubber band –   Psychoticbumpschool
Chuck brown and soul searchers –  In the pocket
Chuck brown and soul searchers –   Bustin’loose
Jackson 5 –   Dancing machine
Hunt’s Determination band –   I got my nut
James Brown  –   Eyesight
Parlet  –     Love Amnesia
Fuzzy Haskin  –   Sinderella
funkadelic   –  Standing on the verge on gettin it on
Mutiny –   don’t bust a groove
Ohio players   –  oochie coo
Bootsy  –    take a lickin’ and keep on kickin’

LOUDER RADIO SHOW N°12: Real music for real people

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Pete rock and CL Smooth – on and on instrumental
The lost hip hop instrumentals vol.1 – Plug tunin
Cypress hill – How i could just kill a men
Charizma and peanut butter Wolf – Jack the mack
KRS 1 – Jack of spades
Pharcyde – I’m that type of nigga
Pete rock and CL Smooth – anger in the nation
Das EFX – east coast
Oliver Sain – St Louis Breakdown
Joseph henry – I feel right
Billy (sugar ray) Garner – I got some
Jean Knight – Mr big stuff
Mandrill – Fat city Strut
DJ FORMAT – Here comes the fuzz
Eddy Jacob exchange – Pull my coat
Ohmegga watts – That sound (QSO remix)
African Music machine – Black water gold
The soul brothers – What is love
Phat Fred – Stay on the groove
Soulive – Doin’something
Marva withney – Things got to get better

LOUDER RADIO SHOW N°11 : Quand le boolimix débarque

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irene reid – something right

the impossibles – Love the life you live

Sky king – Why don’t you take off

Paul Burton – So very hard to make it

Willie wright ( DJ tibb and brosmartin edit) – Right on

Society of seven – Superstar

Exit 9 – Miss funky fox

New mastersounds – talk is cheap



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hosted by dj skore

RPM – The inside

Excursion – Mr olly live next door
dee nasty beats – old school convention part 2
Asaviours be careful
Illogic – first trimester
DJ Krush – to-u-kyo
Company Flow – Funcrusher scratch
Dr octagon – real raw inst.
DJ shadow – 89,9 mix